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Our unique
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The power of our approach lies in two unique translations. First of all, translating complex reality into something so that children can really think along (regardless of complexity!). Secondly, translating inspiring ideas from children back into professional advice suitable for the organizational context.

This process is enriched by our special sessions in the classrooms. Children are challenged to the maximum and learning and fun come first. We take them seriously and offer them the opportunity to develop essential problem-solving skills. This dynamic interplay is the beating heart of the ConsultingKids method.

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Our approach
in 1 minute

Collaborate with us and experience a journey in 6-12 weeks that is both enlightening and liberating for your most complex challenges. The full process is explained here in both video (with English subtitles) and text by founder Bas Warmerdam.

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Our approach
in simple steps

Explore the question

Together with experts and important stakeholders from your organization, we efficiently explore your issue and the context of the challenge in 1 ½ hours. We jointly define the scope and determine the ambition and frameworks. We quickly and thoroughly explore dilemmas, challenges, wishes and sensitivities, and focus on relevant information to formulate the central question and fascinating sub-questions. In the subsequent elaboration, we reduce the problem to its core in a structured and uncomplicated manner, aiming for clarity and precision.

Complete approach places minimal burden on the organization
Translate to children's world

We translate the essence of the issue into a story that is easy to understand for children aged 8 to 12. The story tells like a fairy tale and contains all the core elements of the organizational and/or social issue. This often leads to first insights.

Through these translations we allow the children to look at your issue as true ‘external advisors’ and it is also possible to deal with very complex and/or sensitive  themes.

Children work on the real and important issues at hand (regardless of complexity!)
Engage children

Several, continually new, primary school classes (age 9-12) will work on an illustrated version of the story under the guidance of an experienced consultant from ConsultingKids. The children generate ideas, practice the role of problem solver and learn associated skills. Colleagues and other stakeholders attend these days to hear first-hand what the children come up with. At the end of the day we collect the ideas and the children are appointed junior consultants of ConsultingKids with a corresponding diploma.

And in this way we also fulfill our ambitions to take children seriously and introduce as many children as possible to these problem-solving skills in a fun and challenging way.

Colleagues can come to classes to hear first hand what the children come up with
Translate inspiration back

After the exciting days with the children, we translate the children’s inspiring input into professional advice suitable for the organizational context. We process the issue, the story, the children’s ideas and a range of translated advice into a clear end product.

These translations connect children's brainpower with adult experience
Enhance and action

During a final workshop of 2 1⁄2 hours we share the results and encourage the participants to come up with additional ideas based on the children’s ideas. All this under the motto “combine, associate and find even more!”. Together with the participants, we select the most suitable and useful results, after which we jointly determine which ones we will convert into action. So no big visions or plans, but focused work towards concrete action!

It takes the edge off challenges and opens people up to refreshing action

I think it's a super cool instrument. We really look at issues in a completely different way and it has brought a lot to our department!'

Esther Lamboo

Objections and appeals manager NVWA

Discover innovative solutions to your most complex problems

Open the door to change with our unique, resistance-reducing approach

Experience professionally organized participation that matches your real substantive challenges!

Inspire the next generation and help develop problem-solving skills

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