Refreshing solutions for organisational and social issues based on inspirational ideas of children


Children think differently and are not limited by things that may seem impossible

At ConsultingKids we are convinced of two things: children can help adults solve complex issues and benefit from the lessons learned for the rest of their lives.Even in these special times with the coronavirus, the world view of children is and remains different from that of adults. Children remain unbiased, ask questions that we as adults dare not ask and come up with thoughts that do not occur to us.


ConsultingKids  taps into this different way of thinking with children in the classroom (corona proof) ; Inspired by the refreshing ideas of children, we come up with solutions to help organizations and our society. No issue is too complex, a minimal investment of time and refreshing solutions you can use straight away!

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For organisations

Working on complex organisational and social issues, resulting in refreshing solutions and first steps into action

A child’s world view is different from that of adults. He or she views the world with an open mind, asks questions that adults no longer dare to ask and come up with ideas that no longer occur to us. ConsultingKids harnesses children’s way of thinking and lack of inhibition. Inspired by their refreshing ideas we uncover inspirationally innovative solutions that help your organisation and our society overcome challenges and keep it moving forward.

Issues range from:

  • How do we organise governance for regional cooperation between decentralised youth care organisations?
  • How to convert a national strategy for local banks in different regions?
  • What is the best way to organise a policy based on poverty reduction?
  • How do we improve context focused learning within a multinational?

By no means typical children’s topics!

For more examples of projects, check out the following impression of questions and clients we’ve worked for on our website.

The benefits of working with ConsultingKids:

  • A different perspective on your question.
  • Tap into the world of endless creative ideas by children.
  • Move forwards with inspirational solutions.
  • Possibilities to discuss sensitive issues and initiate action.

For kids

Kids learn professional skills and have a fun and educational day

We use methods and techniques developed by leading consultancy firms and described in acclaimed management books, adapted by us for working with children. We teach them:

  1. Probing deeper to find the root of the problem
  2. Working together & yes-ands
  3. Devising solutions from different perspectives
  4. Prioritising & substantiating a point of view
  5. Evaluating & refining ideas

This way we teach children the problem solving skills we as adults all develop throughout our working careers but all wished we had learned much sooner in life…

A project with ConsultingKids offers children to:

  • Learn skills that can help them solve problems now and in the future.
  • Have an unforgettable fun day.
  • Feel pride and are taken serious.
  • Are appointed junior consultants (including certificate).

A selection of our mainly Dutch clients


By no means typical children’s topics!


  • How to convert a national strategy for local banks in different regions?
  • How do we accelerate learning within a multinational?
  • How can we improve our customer journeys, so that customer satisfaction will improve?
  • How to improve employee involvement regarding an organisational transformation?
  • How to reduce HR-costs and at the same time increase the commitment of employees?
  • How can we benefit from digital developments?
  • How can we improve our products/concepts?

And more…


  • How to keep the healthcare system affordable?
  • What is the best way to formulate the environmental vision?
  • How to organise a poverty policy?
  • How to set up the development of an organisation?
  • How can we ensure regional cooperation of governance?
  • What is the smartest way to reduce traffic jams, without building extra roads?
  • What is a new way of organising youth policy?

And more…


  • How can we reduce the number of child marriages in Nigeria?
  • What are the best ways to create participation?
  • How do you stimulate gender equality?
  • How can school milk be promoted in Uganda?
    How can education be improved?
  • How can we stimulate youth entrepreneurship?
  • How can farmers and livestock farmers life together in a better way?

And more…

Would you like to know if we already worked on a project that is related to you? Send us an e-mail!

Reactions from our clients


Depending on the question, together with our clienten we determine the best approach that meets the goals and ambitions. Our knowledge and professional experience, together with insights from previous projects of ConsultingKids, are essential elements to ensure the most successful approach. Whether it involves inspiring ideas. new insights of surprising solutions, we aways strive to generate the biggest impact with our projects, programs or change trajectories. We always base this on refreshing ideas of children that we try to utilise as much as possible and helping organisations by doing so.

Step 1

Together we investigate the issue and reduce it to its essence

Step 2

We adapt the issue and themes for a child’s world

Step 3

We collect inspirational ideas from children

Step 4

We translate the ideas back to refreshing solutions

Step 5

Together we refine solutions

Step 6

Together we initiate first steps of action

An impression of our company


on which we have worked together in the organisation



where we have unleashed the creative thinking power of kids



that we have teached problem solving skills and promoted them to Junior Consultant

refreshing solutions

and interventions that made and impact and we offered to our clients


priceless moments

with clients  because of the refreshing ideas, inspiration and fun we had while working together 

Our team at ConsultingKids

Our team consists of professional consultant and project managers, each with a unique background; we have years of experience as organisational and policy advisors, project managers at private organisations and governments, creative industries, media, IT and education. Additionally, together we share some crucial characteristics; the enthusiasm and analytical ability to handle complex organisational challenges, creativity that is needed to find innovative and new perspectives, the ability to recognise the refreshing thinking power of kids and how to use it and the belief that with our educational program we can help children in their development.


A group of critical thinkers


Advisory Board

The main goal of the advisory board is to help improve ideas and execution of ConsultingKids in order to optimize quality for clients and children. The advisory board reflects and is consulted on ConsultingKids vision, strategy and operation and helps to identify opportunities for improvement.


The advisory board consists of the following members:
Albert Jan Kruiter, founder Dutch Institute for Public Values
Raquel Smolders, Corporate Communications P&G
Bjorn Hoejenbos, Partner at Claassen, Moolenbeek & Partners
Jan Fokke Mulder, practice leader CGI
Gerben Vermeer, packaging specialist at Pakxo
Niels Smidt, business change manager Overstag Consulting
Paul Hartman, sports marketing executive Asics
Ralph Hanekamp, management consultant Hiemstra & De Vries

Continuous improvement of ConsultingKids, based on ideas from kids

Of course we also continuously involve school classes to improve our own organisation. We do this in the same way as we do for our clients. We translate our own challenges, we reflect on ourselves and we receive refreshing solutions to make our job more fun, help our clients even better and teach kids better skills.

Any questions or ready to get started? We'd love to hear from you!

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For many organisations the method described before is the starting point. We love to keep using the creative thinking power of children during the execution. But also in order to find new business concepts and for social entrepreneurship. And just like we do at ConsultingKids we teach the kids new skills which they can use for the rest of their lives. Skills that, we as adults, would like to have known before. How we do this will be discussed below.


With ScrumKids we enable a refreshing movement during the execution of putting ideas into practice. Mostly we start with our advise following a ConsultingKids Project. You can let adults do all the work within the organisation. He/she will start working on an extensive plan and will spend a lot of time writing down the steps.

But how much fun would it be if you will keep kids involved during execution?! With their creative ways of thinking they enable a flexible and agile approach with refreshing elements and help the project leader of the organisation to create direct movement. Kids, on the other side, learn SCRUM-skills and will be appointed as junior SCRUM master

ScrumKids is powered by Nienke van de Hoef of Scrum Company.


Reality is not always entirely within your control, which can lead to a different execution than expected. The KidsAdvisoryboard assists during the execution and helps the project leader with refreshing ideas on how to handle possible challenges.

Additionally, they monitor the project leader on desired results, progress of the project and let you have fun at the same time.

This means that once every 4 to 8 weeks the project leader returns to the class. Most of the times a KidsAdvisoryboard is a continuation of ScrumKids, where a foundation is laid down. Kids will learn valuable consulting skills and how to work on challenges in an agile way.


With which competing organisation will we completely wipe out your organisation? That’s an organisation that 10 times better than your current organisation en that will disrupt the current way of working.

 That’s the idea where DisruptiveKids is based on. In addition to an organisation, it can ales be focused on a product or service. The aim is to find new insights to improve the organisation, lay the foundation fo a new start-up next to your organisation, to maintain an advantage on your competitors.

 In return, the kids will learn to look at opportunities voor new business concepts in an innovative way and experience how to think as an entrepreneur.


Find social start-ups based on inspiring ideas of kids for societal challenges. That’s the dream of Start-upKids. So being able to set up a business that is financially healthy, and is in no need of external finances afterwards, a place where there’s room for people with a background with the Employee Insurance Agency, employees will be coached by entrepreneurs within the neighbourhood and societal challenges will be solved. Beforehand we define a challenge for the kids and together we are working towards a solution.

The start is one, or a combination of ideas for a new social start-up. If possible we let the kids, but also students, have a role in realising these ideas. In return kids learn problem solving skills and get acquainted with several aspects of (social) entrepreneurship.

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