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We involve children in solving complex issues faced by companies, governments and social organizations. We do this because we are convinced that children can really help adults solve these issues. Children’s ideas form the basis for the solutions we help our clients with.

And… there are no costs for schools associated with participating.

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Why do you want to participate as a school…

By collaborating with ConsultingKids, school classes have the opportunity to help solve complex problems for a variety of organizations, both in the public and private sectors.

This collaboration is not just a learning moment about the professional world for the children, but also broadens their horizon in problem-solving thinking. During the program with ConsultingKids, the students develop these skills, which they can then apply universally. The problem-solving techniques learned are derived from methods of leading consulting firms and well-known management concepts from books such as 'Blue Ocean Strategy' and 'Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation'

In a fun and innovative way, we offer classes an engaging educational program that combines playful learning with assignments, brainstorming sessions, relaxation, and education. We take the children very seriously during this day; after all, they contribute to solving a problem they can justifiably be proud of. At the end of the day, the children are recognized as Junior Consultants and receive an official diploma, which lists the five most important skills they have learned:

  • Don't start with solutions, ask questions first
  • Yes and
  • Devising solutions from different perspectives
  • Explain why and how
  • Improving ideas & inventions and making them unique

But our guest lesson is just the beginning. We take the children seriously, and so do our clients. After the project, they revisit the classes or share a video, not only to thank the children again but also to show what has happened with their ideas. This gives the children insight into the impact of their contribution.

Practical information at a glance

The sessions are designed for students aged 9-12 years and aligns well with the ’21st-century skills’. Combined classes with different age ranges are also possible.

We will work with the class for a morning or an afternoon. During this, we adhere to the regular lesson times and breaks.

Indeed, there are no costs for the school. We facilitate the sessions and bring all the necessary materials.

That’s right! We from ConsultingKids will facilitate the entire guest lecture. However, we do ask you as the teacher to remain present during the lecture. After all, you are the familiar face for the children. There’s also an opportunity to catch up on some backlog (like marking work) while we’re engaged with the class. How great is that! It’s recommended to observe as well. A common feedback is that it’s fascinating to see how other children suddenly stand out during the ConsultingKids guest lectures, as we especially engage them in creativity, problem-solving, and free thinking.

We’d like to briefly discuss any class-specific considerations before the session. We also aim to arrive 15 minutes before the lesson starts to set things up.

After the guest lecture, we like to provide feedback on what has happened with the children’s ideas. Our client often does this in the form of a short video that can be shared with the students in the classroom.

Additionally, we will soon* give you free access to supporting materials so that you as a class can continue to apply the learned problem-solving skills to your own challenges. For instance, for issues that arise in the classroom, on the playground, or with certain study materials. But also, for example, to use classes as think tanks for school-wide issues related to educational vision, reorganizations, and more.

How wonderful to be able to continue applying these skills. Of course, only if you want to. Nothing is mandatory!

*This platform is currently being developed & tested and will be available for everyone in the first quarter of 2024

The children will be working on a real-life issue, the details of which we’ll reveal only during the lesson! So, they don’t need to prepare anything.

From ConsultingKids, there is always someone present who guides the lesson from A to Z. Additionally, often 2-3 people from the organization that presented the problem will come along. So, there might be a manager, councilor, director, or anyone else in the classroom whom the children can also ask questions to in order to come up with the best solutions for the problem.

About Consultingkids by teachers

Christine van Dalfzen

The children really enjoyed the lesson. It's great that they are offered these skills in such a way, and I personally found it very interesting to see how other children suddenly stood out in the class by being so problem-solving oriented. Highly recommended!

Christine van Dalfzen Teacher kids age 11-12, The Octant, Assendelft
Christiaan Visser

A super fun morning! What energy!

Christiaan Visser Teacher kids age 11-12, OBS Twiske, Amsterdam
Liselotte Pil

Truly a wonderful lesson that I would recommend to everyone. Think differently, learn differently, and solve a real problem. Super!

Liselotte Pil Teacher kids age 10, Primary School, Losser

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