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Think Like a Child: Workshop for (In-Company) Events

Discover the boundless creativity and thinking power of children in this session where Bas Warmerdam, founder of ConsultingKids, will introduce you to how to approach complex challenges through the eyes of a child. Bas will inspire you with a series of vivid examples, demonstrating how children, with their openness and ingenuity, can find surprisingly simple solutions to problems that often stump adults.

During this interactive session, you will get hands-on with current issues from your own work environment, whether it involves projects, programs, or departmental issues. You will learn how to reframe these issues so that even the other participants, transformed into a class of ten-year-olds, could work with them. And you get the chance to be a child again, playfully and with a fresh perspective, to generate innovative ideas for your most complex professional challenges.

In short: Refreshing, Fun & Educational

A session that is not only fun and educational but also focuses on collaboration and innovation. With this unique workshop, every problem becomes an opportunity to think, learn, and grow together. Refreshingly different in approach – ready to see the world through new eyes!

For whom and where?

Bas speaks 50+ times a year in various settings, from smaller in-company meetings to large events all over the world. Common occasions include leadership programs, congresses, symposiums, team meetings, lunch gatherings, inspiration sessions, management conferences, and more.

The sessions led by Bas are appreciated by a wide audience, from C-level to junior employees, due to the fine balance of content, inspiration, and humor.


  • 1 ½ – 2 hours (50% inspiration, 50% action)
  • Brings inspiration and allows participants to work on their own complex organizational challenges in a refreshing way.
  • Suitable for groups of 5 – 500+ people.
  • In English or Dutch


Reach out to us through the contact page or mail Bas directly on bas@consultingkids.nl and we would be delighted to explore options with you!

Bas has been a speaker several times at our events for CFOs, commissioners, and CIOs in the Netherlands and Belgium. He consistently managed to pleasantly surprise them and make them think differently in a playful manner. I absolutely recommend Bas! Our participants have always been very complimentary about him


In both the sessions for our project team of about 10 and our department of approximately 100 employees, Bas really brought great inspiration and energy.


It’s impressive how Bas engages both a group of internal employees and entrepreneurs from our municipality with his story. Truly refreshing and different!


Why work with us?

Discover innovative solutions to your most complex problems

Open the door to change with our unique, resistance-reducing approach

Experience professionally organized participation that matches your real substantive challenges!

Inspire the next generation and help develop problem-solving skills

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Bas Warmerdam Founder and advisor
Published on: December 8, 2023

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