We are a professional consulting firm that helps organizations with refreshing solutions for complex social and organizational issues. Starting point are the top 5 issues at hand. Whether it’s “learning within a multinational,” “product development & innovation,” “poverty and social cohesion,” or “(internal) organizational development,” our team is equipped to handle any challenge. No matter how complex!

Our approach is not only effective but also unique. To help our clients, we utilize the unbiased creative thinking power of children, and in doing so, we teach problem-solving skills to as many children as possible. This creates movement and impact within organizations, encourages them to view things differently and make them more acceptable to change, offers innovative solutions, facilitates participation, and enriches the skills of many children in an exiting fun way.

ConsultingKids HQ is located in the Netherlands and we have a strong team of 10 creative professionals and 25+ associated management consultants. Each with their own unique background. We have worked on over 100 complex problems in collaboration with clients from both the public and private sector in the past eight years. We worked together with organizations and children from six different countries, resulting in the development of over 2,000 impactful refreshing solutions, and teaching problem-solving skills to more than 10,000 children.

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Our dream is to help organizations and society worldwide with their most important challenges (no matter how complex!) by utilizing the unbiased creative thinking power of children, while at the same time strengthening children’s problem-solving skills. Within this dream, our next step is Scandinavia, starting with Sweden.


We are now starting an exploratory phase to find the perfect local consultancy partner with whom we can gain experience in Sweden through a series of pilot projects and explore a long term cooperation. We have a ready-to-go process for this and are asking for your help to find that exciting and suitable partner for our label.

Can you help us:

  1. link us to interesting contacts in Sweden who work as a management consultant and/or know people who do? And/or:
  2. Get us in contact with consultancy firms who might be a great fit? (See the characteristics of the ideal candidates below)

Our dream consultancy firm in Sweden has the following characteristics:

  • An informal culture that is open to different ways of thinking and working.
  • A strong business drive to help clients while keeping an eye on the societal impact.
  • More than 20 experienced management consultants who are fun to work with and have a strong local network in both public and private sector to take first steps together.

But hey… nobody is perfect… so if your close… we are more than happy to talk:-)

In return we provide:

  • A unique creative approach to help current and new clients.
  • A refined professional methodology with impact & innovation for clients, and with a focus on strengthening problem-solving skills in as many children as possible
  • A well tested collaboration model where work is shaped together partly locally and partly from ConsultingKids HQ.
  • A wealth of experience and references from the past 8 years in public and private sector.
  • A partner who is looking for a long-term collaboration where business, entrepreneurship, fun, and doing great things for organizations and kids together go hand in hand.

Looking forward to your reactions! Please leave any thoughts, contacts and questions you have that might help in the comments, via a dm or via bas@consultingkids.com.

Thanks and looking forward to making ConsultingKids in Sweden a success together!

Bas Warmerdam

Founder ConsultingKids


ConsultingKids B.V.
Minervalaan 7
2314 BT Leiden


Company Information

Dutch Chamber of Commerce number (KvK) 74167790