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ConsultingKids in a nutshell...

We involve children in solving complex issues for businesses, governments, and social organizations. We do this because we are convinced that children can help adults solve these issues. Based on the ideas of children, we provide solutions that help our clients further. You can read about how we do this and examples of our clients here.

Waarom je als school mee wilt doen…

ConsultingKids works with school classes to solve complex problems for various types of organizations, both public and private. In doing so, the children not only learn from and about these professional organizations, but also enhance their own problem-solving skills. The students are taught these skills during the ConsultingKids program and can use them anywhere and anytime. These problem-solving skills are based on methods and techniques from reputable consulting firms and well-known management books such as “Omdenken” and “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

We offer classes an inspiring lesson program in a playful and refreshing way, combining play, assignments, brainstorming, relaxation, and learning. We take children very seriously on such a day; after all, they help us solve a problem, of which they are rightfully proud. At the end of the day, the children are named Junior Consultants and receive a real diploma with the five most important skills:

  • Collaborating via ‘yes, and…’ 
  • Stop solving, ask questions first
  • Generating solutions from different perspectives
  • Explaining why & how
  • Improving ideas and making inventions unique

However, our guest lecture does not end there. Not only do we take the children seriously, but our clients do as well. After the program, they come back to the visited classes, not only to thank the children once again, but also to ‘account’ for what has actually happened with the ideas.

Impression of the books on which the problem-solving skills are partly based.

Some practical matters at a glance...

  • The guest lesson is intended for students in groups 6, 7, and 8 and aligns well with the “21st-century skills”.
  • We will work with a class for approximately 2-4 hours (a morning or afternoon).
  • Before we visit, we will discuss practical matters with the involved teacher, such as expectations, classroom layout, school hours, etc.
  • There are no costs involved for the school.
  • On the day itself, the ConsultingKids advisor is usually present 15 minutes before the start of the lesson to get to know the location better and set up some things.
  • In addition to the ConsultingKids advisors, 1 or 2 other people may come along, these are employees of the client and they observe.
  • In the preparation and follow-up of the guest lesson, the teacher does not have to do anything: we guide the lesson plus bring all materials needed!
  • We do ask the teacher to be present during the guest lesson to keep the children focused and intervene if there is any disagreement between the students.
  • During the day, we use various working methods in which children work in groups (or in pairs) and individually so that each student can flourish in their own way.
  • The children contribute to a real issue, the details of which will only be revealed during the lesson!
  • We would like to take a few action photos in the classroom to give our client a good idea of the experienced dynamics. Of course, we handle photos with care and according what is ok for your school and the parents, and you can read more about this in our privacy statement.

This is what other teachers thought of our guest lesson

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