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Windmill-Dress-up-Kits pilot starts at 7 locations in the Netherlands

Mid-July is the day you can come across the most crazy dressed Windmills in seven places in the Netherlands and two in Belgium. Think of outfits such as an LP from the Doors with the link to the song “riders on the storm”, a sunflower or a rotating solar system. There is no limit.

This originated from the search on how to stimulate the energy transition

The foundation was laid during several ConsultingKids sessions in the Netherlands where children think along and provide inspiration for complex adult (organizational) issues. In this case about how to give the energy transition a positive impulse. It became clear there that children found windmills especially ugly and that they could use some nicer decoration (colors, shapes and more). When we translated this back into the adult context, the idea for Windmill Dress-up Kits arose at our office. We all laughed very hard first and soon after the serious question arose: shall we “just” go for it?

It went from raised eyebrows to “we have to do this!”

Through our network, we have carefully conducted initial discussions with experts in the sector. One looked at us even more vague than the other. But some wanted to start right away, but still had some questions… But how? Can the windmills still operate properly? What materials are used and is it safe? What laws and regulations? What do local residents think about this? And so it went on and on …

Consortium of energy companies, universities and ConsultingKids form the driving force

After a pitch for a consortium of European energy companies, the idea gained serious momentum. Two technical universities quickly joined and 9 prototypes have recently been tested in, among others, the lab and wind tunnels. After about a year, we really got a view of a version that seemed technically feasible. A special type of mesh has been developed for this, which you can compare in terms of visual effect with the foil that you also see on buses. If you are close to this you can see through it. If you are further away you will see an image. This is also how this mesh works, where for us the passage of wind was of course an important point of attention so as not to reduce the generation of wind energy. The great thing is that we even found a way to channel the wind more and increase the energy generation by 5.9%. In the meantime, patents for the applied techniques and developed materials have been pending in the name of Bas Warmerdam of ConsultingKids and two of the researchers. Another patent application is running on, and they may sound a bit crazy, the technique that is used to change the outfits of the windmills within two days. The goal: Dress-up the landscape differently every few weeks.

The technology works, what about regulations…

Most of our time and energy has gone into getting exemption from certain laws and regulations. I will not tire you of what these are, but this certainly took more time than the developing the technique. After endless discussions, considerations, jurisprudence and legal things that sometimes went way over my head, the necessary signatures were provided last week and several potential pilot areas in the Netherlands and Belgium were designated. Unfortunately, I cannot yet mention which these are, because local politics and local residents must first be informed. More will be announced about this early next month.

From a small idea to serious international interest

 We are currently performing explorative talks with parties in countries including Germany, France, America, the United Emirates and Scandinavia. Just like us, they are anxiously looking forward to the results of the pilot in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, the interest is already very high internationally. #SoCool!

Ideas or do you want to participate? Let me know!

Do you want to stay informed of the developments and / or do you want to join the pilot as an organization? E-mail us at If there are interesting lines of thought, we are more than willing to put them on the agenda at the upcoming steering committee meeting.

Ps: this is an april fools day joke:-) But in the meantime we are actually hoping to making it a reality. How cool is that!

ConsultingKids in a nutshell…

A child’s world view is different from that of adults. He or she views the world with an open mind, asks questions that adults no longer dare to ask and come up with ideas that no longer occur to us. ConsultingKids harnesses children’s way of thinking and lack of inhibition. Inspired by their refreshing ideas we uncover inspirationally innovative solutions that help your organization and our society overcome challenges and keep it moving forward. Issues range from ‘business strategy and organizational development’ to ‘reducing poverty’ and from ‘challenges within infrastructure’ to ‘developing new products and a sustainable market access strategy’. By no means typical children’s topics!

 ConsultingKids provides children with an unforgettable day’s activities – a day in which they can let their imaginations run wild and learn to solve problems. We do this using methods and techniques developed by leading consultancy firms and described in acclaimed management books, specially adapted by us for working with children. This way we teach children the problem solving skills we as adults all develop throughout our working careers but all wished we had learned much sooner in life…

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 Due to the effects of the coronavirus we currently work with our concept ‘ConsultingKids AT HOME’. Via this concept we work with kids worldwide on a range of complex issues of
government organizations, companies and NGOs.
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 Have a great day!

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