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With what issue can we help your organization?

A child’s world view is different from that of adults. He or she views the world with an open mind, asks questions that adults no longer dare to ask and come up with ideas that no longer occur to us. Also during these ‘weird’ times caused by the Corona-virus!

ConsultingKids harnesses children’s way of thinking and lack of inhibition. Now also with kids AT HOME. Inspired by their refreshing ideas we uncover inspirationally innovative solutions that help your organization and our society overcome challenges and keep it moving forward.

The benefits of working with ‘ConsultingKids AT HOME’?

  • Refreshing solutions for organizational and social issues based on inspirational ideas of children
  • Possibilities to discuss sensitive issues, moon shots and initiate action in and outside the organization
  • Kids who have an unforgettable fun day, feel pride and are taken seriously.
  • Fun due to our approach and the intriguing trains of thought triggered by the endless creative ideas by children.

With what issues can we help your organization with ConsultingKids AT HOME?

Contact us at or call us at our HQ in the Netherlands on +31 6 528 81023

We operate globally with ConsultingKids AT HOME!


No issue is to complex!

Our approach allows us to tackle the most complex adult issues. For example, think of:

  • Given the current issues with the coronavirus, what opportunities are there for our organization?
  • What refreshing content can we include in the policy notes that we will work on (now)?
  • How can we make working from home with our team even better and more fun?
  • How do we shape the governance of upcoming partnerships?
  • How do we tackle the biggest challenges within our multinational?

So definitely not childish issues!

For more examples see impression issues and our clients on our site.


How do we approach it with ConsultingKids AT HOME?

We go through the same steps as normal and they are:

  1. Together with you as a client, we explore the question and get to the essence of it
  2. We translate the question into the children’s world so that they are able to think along
  3. We work with children and get inspiring ideas and teach them problem solving skills
  4. We translate the ideas into refreshing solutions for the adult world
  5. Together with you as a client, we sharpen the solution and determine the first steps towards action

The sessions with the children at home consist of a cool combination of instructional videos, building things, coming up with solutions from all kinds of different perspectives, coming up with inventions and more!

What does it require of you and your organization?

  • A contact person who helps us to clarify your issue. Experience shows that a telephone conversation of 1 ½ hours and some documentation by email is often sufficient to grasp ambitions, dilemma’s and main questions.
  • Two 15-20 minute reviews of 1) the elaboration of the essence of your issue and 2) the translation made to the children’s world based on it
  • A 2-hour session at the end of the process, with or without colleagues in a call, where we talk you through the results, you can also play with the original ideas of the children, we enrich the results and set priorities for the next steps.
  • A modest investment appropriate to the complexity of the issue and approach.

In short, minimal time investment and very refreshing results!

Are you in?

Contact us at or call us at our HQ in the Netherlands on +31 6 528 81023 and we’ll explore options.

We operate globally with ConsultingKids AT HOME!


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